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Work avoidance...BIG time

Hey not so much a productive day at work for me.  I'm beginning to think that I may need a support group/patch or 12 step program with the wedding planning and my thirst to seewhat's new here on DW boards.  I LOVE "hearing" about everyone's experiences...definitely makes the wedding process better. 
Don't plan on doing anything about this "addiction" though!!  ;) 
Maybe tomorrow will be more of a "work" day for me yet.  However, I do want to check out Vistaprint from what other fellow Knottie's have posted I may be mixing my "addictions"!!!
Thanks for listening...and partaking in my avoidance of work!!
Have a good evening!!

Re: Work avoidance...BIG time

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    ba-haha! I think most of us reg posters have this addiction.... I know I do! I probably would get out of work on time if I didn't waste (ok not waste cuz I love it) so much time looking up the new posts. :) But glad we could be of assistance in your avoidance to work!
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    I am so thankful for the DW board since I usually don't have much to do at work!!!  I love reading/seeing everyone's progress and ideas!
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    I admit, I spend a good part of my work day on this board LOL. Oops ;)
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