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PW: Radio morning show!

There's a radio morning show here on the Mix station and they do a trivia game every morning called Smarter than Reagan. Reagan is one of the DJs and you and him go head to head on 5 pop culture questions and you try to beat him. I think I've only heard someone beat him once and I listen every morning on the way to work.

Anyway, to qualify to play you need to send in your fascinating fact and if it's good enough they'll call you. I sent in our proposal story as my fascinating fact and they're calling me on Wednesday morning of next week to play!

I'm pretty excited. Even if you lose, terribly, you still get a great prize. This week they've been giving away tickets to the New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys show and they were all 1st-5th row! I'm not spreading this around because I don't want to deal with the embarassment if I suck, but I did want to share with someone :)

Re: PW: Radio morning show!

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    WOO HOO!!  That's so exciting!

    I was all ready to call our country station yesterday.  They do a birthday lottery for concert tickets, and this this week they were giving away Kenny tickets for HERE.  They drew August and I had my phone all ready incase they said the 17th so I could try to win them! :)

    Good luck!  Even if you lose, make sure you let us know how you did!!!
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    I love entering things like that. 

    I always dabble at radio contests or back of package contests.. never know right! Last year I bought a kinder beuno chocolate bar and they were having a contest going on facebook where if you entered a pin, liked them on facebook you would be entered into their draw for designer bags. For the Grand prize you had to submit a photo on their facebook page of your ugliest bag and if yours is the highest voted, you win a designer bag every month for a year. 
    I didn't upload a pic, but I did enter my pin, and randomly one day I got a release form from them. I filled it out, sent it off and then MAJOR issues went down on the home front so I totally forgot all about it. Fast forward to the beginning of this year, I get a package from DHL and I'm all like wtf? Label says "1 Coach Way, Jacksonville FL" I'm like WTF!?!? and inside is a coach purse.

    I'm telling you guys.. go for the contests!! I hope you win, Brea!
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    Good luck :) We all know that you will do great! 
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    That's awesome!!!!!!!  You'll do fine, even if you don't do well.  I was on The Price is Right back in college (1 of the first 4 contestants), and I NEVER made it on stage, and same w/ the guy next to me.  It was soooooo embarrassing.  But no worries, ppl only remind me about it a couple of times a year now, and it's been over 10yrs. LOL!

    As for the prize you could win, the BSB/NKOTB, I'm headed to that concert in July!!!!!!  It was a Christmas gift from my sister, so we're going together.  NKOTB was my first concert ever, and BSB was her first concert ever.  So I'm super excited about that.  I really hope that's your prize. Fun!!!!!!
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