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Good Morning!

So apparently if I take the link directly to the boards I can get on this board SOMETIMES... but the main page at times out everytime I try to get onto it still...

How is everyone's morning? Any big plans this weekend?

I am sitting here working on the trophies/goodie bags for my niece's birthday (she is obsessed with Cars so they are getting trophies with candy/etc in the trophy for goodie bags). I have a friend's birthday dinner tonight (just a few couples at a restaurant, its a surprise to her) and then my niece's birthday is tomorrow...

Oh, and we have now been blogged (our epics)

Re: Good Morning!

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    That's so weird -- I don't get why TK is so glitchy. I would think someone on their programming team could fix it?

    I just got back from my run and am now trying to recover on the couch -- haha. We are going to see Sherlock Holmes in a few hours and out for lunch, and then tonight we are going to see the Nutcracker. We might go ice skating tomorrow! Other than that, I will be working on getting my cards out for the card swap. :)
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    Hi Girls...

    Lora you're my inspiration.... I want to get back into running so bad, but am lacking motivation to do so!  I'm pretty good about the gym, but all I do is yoga, pilates and spin.  After the 1st of the year, I gotta get my ish together b/c it'll be wedding CRUNCH time!

    Britt I've been meaning to tell you I LOVE your e-pics!!!!  GORGEOUS!!

    I just finished up w/ some clients at work.  We're closing our offices at 2 today b/c we have our Christmas party tonight at 5.  I'm pretty pumped - it starts out on a Terrace overlooking the Gulf so we can watch the sunset!!  It's pretty hot here today too (80's), so I can wear a cute dress w/out freezing my booty off!  I just had FI bring me up our Christmas presents that we need to ship up north to his fam (yup, I'm a procrastinator extrodinaire!)  So, I'm going to wrap those and then get outta here!

    Have a great Saturday, ladies!!
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    Britt- Ugh to the knot being so darn glitchy and annoying and YAYfor your e-pics again!

    Lora- omg you weekend sounds like so much fun!  And I agree with Emilly you are totally my workout inspiration!

    Emily- Have fun at your christmas party that sounds like a lot of fun!

    Today I am working and then tonight just lounging around with FI and catching up on our DVR.  Stupid finals put me way behind on my shows lol!  Then tomorrow we have dinner at my sisters for my mom's birthday so that will be nice! 

    O and today I emailed all my bridesmaids to set up a day to go bridesmaids dress shopping in January!  So excited! 

    Have a great weekend everyone!

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    Thanks guys, we are SO happy with how they turned out! We had a quick custom photocard made up at the local Walmart for each of the mothers and are writing on them that part of their Christmas gift will be a custom photobook with the photos, which I need to get working on... my groupon is good from Dec 20th onwards, so I know I won't have them in time for Christmas lol
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    Good Morning! Sorry I've been a bit MIA the past few days.  Between work, teenage drama and wedding stuff, I was soooo crazy busy. 

    I stayed up late last night and got all of the Hawaiian gift baskets we are giving for Christmas presents all wrapped and put together.  I love how they turned out and the stuff we got for them. Even D was happy on how they turned out and had the biggest smile on his face while poking through them. I know my mom and MOH will love them.  But, I don't really think his parents will even though we put a ton of time, money and thought into them.  Oh, well. 

    Speaking of D's parents, we are having our Christmas with them today.  Oh, boy! Can you hear the excitement in my voice? Oddly, D's mom called yesterday and told him we aren't doing our present exchange tomorrow. Excuse me? What? Why the heck are we going over there to have our Christmas? To sit around uncomfortably and stare at each other? UGH!

    I know it's her way of trying to force us to come over a second time and I won't have anything to do with it. hehe We have all of our presents ready and are bringing them all over.  When she says something I'm going to tell her, Well this is the day we are giving you your presents because we don't have another day to come over here until after New Years.  I can't wait to see her face. 

    She told D the reason she was doing that was because her side of the family is coming over and we aren't exchanging gifts with them.  Umm, we have cards and little gifts (jars of organic raspberries for the garden jam I made) for everyone.  we don't care if they have gifts for us or not.  We are still bringing them. When did Christmas become about only giving gifts to those who give them to you? 

    Al least, we have a friend's Christmas party to go to tonight! Going to keep concentrating on that to get me through the day. 

    Britt- It sounds like what was happening to a bunch of us before is now happening to you. 

    Lora-You have so much fun going on this weekend!

    Emily- I wish it was that warm here!

    Sam- Enjoy your relaxing day tomorrow!
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    Sounds like you gals have some fun weekends planned!

    FI's at work as usual so I'm doing some cleaning then gonna get a workout in.  Later I'm going to my parents to make another round of cookies.  Then we have a family friend's 50th birthday party to go to.  Tomorrow I'm hoping to get some serious cleaning done! lol

    Have a good day!

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    Kimmy -- Gah, that doesn't sound like fun... :\ at least you have your other party to look forward to!

    Thanks girls! I recommend signing up for a 5K or race like that... it's a good way to keep the motivation up! :) Plus they are fun to do and I love race shirts -- hehe :)
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    Kimmy - that sounds like its been a busy/stressful bit of time... hope everything is working out better moving forward!

    I have learned I can get on here directly, so sticking with that. The link the others were using I can get on directly too, I just can't get on TK's main page... weird, I know
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    Sorry I'm late girls! Hope everyone had a good day. We left for NYC at 8 am and then I realized I left my Northface coat at home. There was no way I could survive in the city with no coat. FI found a mall about an hour into our trip so we ran in and he found a store that sold north faces. He bought me a new one! Apparently he was gonna buy me the same one the other day but didn't know if I'd like a hood....but we agreed NO Christmas presents cause we are going to Niagara Falls in Jan instead. Oh well new coat for me, and he got one too! We went to the Musuem of Natural History which was cool. Now we are relaxing until our 7:30 dinner reservations! I love this city!!
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