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I want to cry

I have not had any real issues with planning the wedding until this past week.

Mom got upset because we did not put her name on invite (note: we did not put any parents names on invites). However, we put my father and step mothers name on the note to guests because we are getting married on a ship and people need lots of information and they are the ones hosting/ paying.

So the knotties in the etiquette board told me to do programs and to include the parents names there. CHECK, done! Problem solved.

Now, we have 42 people sailing with us and here comes more drama about a seating chart for the group dinners every night.

My parents are divorced and remarried but all have family that they know who is coming on the cruise. My FI parents are married but have no family that is coming on the cruise. And after 14 years have not really met my parents. Awkward!

Anyways, my father obviously does not want to sit with my mom and vise versa (I think). Which puts me in a very bad predicament. If I sit with my dad and FI parents my mom will be upset and if I sit with my mom and my FI parents my dad will be upset.

I do not see any way around this and the ship does not let you move to a different table each night. You must sit in the same spot for all dinners.

This is a nightmare! I really do not know what to do.

Re: I want to cry

  • jtolyjtoly
    Can you ask your parents what they would like you to do? Maybe for your wedding the will surprise you and will all sit together. For my first wedding my parents and my XH parents were divorced but we wanted them to walk into the reception and be announced together. XH dad disliked his mom terribly (to put it nicely) but agreed because that's what we really wanted. My parents also agreed.
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  • The wedding is no  big deal becase we are only having app's and there is no true dining tables, only high-tops.

    It is more for the 4 nights of dinner on the cruise.

    I have to submit the list by next week and once submitted can not be changed. They are so strict it is not even funny. And they do not allow you to move around either.

    I know there is no advice that will help me. Just need something to cheer me up.

    Thanks so much!  Smile

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    And holey moley!!!! 18 days! Wow, how does that feel?
  • jtolyjtoly
    It's great!!! Would they rather sit with complete strangers then each other? Maybe that's what you can ask them and take it from there. Some cruises are strict like that, the one inwas on was also. Good luck!
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  • Your people is just going to have to suck it up for the duration of the wedding. Ask for a cease fire for that time. They will have to learn how to break bread with each other.
  • I'd just sit at a table with my friends. If your parents can't play nice for your wedding over who you sit with then don't sit with any of them at all. We didn't want to deal with the junk FI's mom always pulls so we made sure we want be sitting with her.
  • We are planning on moving tables every night. From my understanding they have say 5 tables set aside for your group and you play musical chairs every night to try and sit with everyone throughout the week. We aren't making a seating chart.
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