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A day early but I'm sure I'll have another wtf tomorrow...

just needed to vent for a minute so I apologize now for the randomness of this post. My FI and I live in a townhouse I bought about 5 years ago. I've been saying since about a year after I bought that I shouldn't have moved here and that I should sell, I even tried but the market took a dive and well blah blah I'm still here.

It's not that I don't love the area or even the house itself, it's a great starter, but as any of you who live in a townhouse/condo type development, you know that such close quarters results in people not being able to mind their business and "rules and regulations" put forth by a bunch of miserable people who want to make everyone else miserable too. Well their newest course of action is to make life a living hell for anyone with dogs. my community isn't extremely large and unfortunately because of where it is, there aren't many places to walk a dog outside the development without having to cross a pretty busy street with no sidewalk... Either way, I walk my do within the development and ALWAYS pick up after her. I leave her poop bags on the side of my house till garbage day and then throw them in a bigger bag and out they go to the collection spot.

Would they rather me not pick it up like many others do? And how many poop bags are too many exactly? Should I explain to my do that she's already hit her limit of poops so shell have to hold it till after these go out to the trash?

I seriously need out of here. Anyone down for lighting some poop on fire and leaving it for these d-bags? I'm sorry. I'm mot usually like this, but theyre trying tp penalize me for picking up after my dog... I'm frustrated!

If you read through this, my apologies for the amount of times I said poop lol, and for wasting time, I just needed a good vent. Ugh
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Re: A day early but I'm sure I'll have another wtf tomorrow...

  • That is sooo frustrating!! Just the fact that you actually pick up the poo would be good enough for me!  I am not a dog lover (FI is though, I may give in to his demands for a pooch soon lol) and despite that I wouldn't be bothered by what you are doing since the poo would be cleaned up from the common areas!  What if your neigbor used manuere to fertilize her lawn? Would they fine him/her for too much poo?  I am down for poo-bombing houses!  (and now I've said the word poo too often, lol!)
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  • jtolyjtoly
    Holy pooness Lol. That's totally crazy! I wanna know how much is too much poo. Maybe you should leave little baggies spread out through the community so you don't end up with too much poo....or find another house with a dog and drop off your poo to them so they can have too much poo! Ok I just wanted to see how much I can say poo, but I am still serious about the holy pooness. That's just total crap....literally!!!
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  • I saw this on FB and couldn't help but laugh a little bit... Maybe you should start dropping off your poop bags in other peoples garbages? I really think you should ask them how many is an ok number of poops that are allowed in your garbage... next thing you know you're going to get fines for how many letters get put in your mail box..

    also... how do they know how many poops are in your garbage? why are they going through it?
     I love how many times I got to say poop in this post :p
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  • This is awful...but you made me giggle a little with the whole concept of a poop limit. I think that I want to tell my boss that he has reached his poop limit for the week.
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  • Whaaaaat.  How do you even go about 1) coming up with this idea, and then 2) seriously trying to execute some sort of warning/fine about it?  I mean really -- how bored or clueless do you have to be to start to think this is a good idea?!  Maybe it's time to get a small bin where you can toss all the poop bags for the week?  If you like it with a plastic bag, you won't even have to aggregate them later.  Just toss the liner bag out every week?

    Sorry you're going through this.  Overzealous HOA zombies who have too much time on their hands are never good.
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