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Nails and Toes...

So, what are you all doing in regards to nails and toes?

I had a girl at Pilates this morning tell me not to do french, as it's dated.  She said I'm too young for that... LOL!  I thought french was pretty timeless, no??  I have been debating between french or like a natural-looking light pink. 

Also - has anyone thought about the timing??  I'm leaving on Tuesday, and the wedding is Friday.  Should I get shellac'd here before I leave or there somewhere.  I had a mani/pedi appt at my resort's spa on Wed, but they don't have shellac, so I just changed it to a pedi only.  I'm too worried about regular nail polish chipping between Wed-Fri.

Soooo torn... any thoughts?  Sorry this turned into like a 3 part question! :)  Oh how I love to babble!
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