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I got engaged in February and we are planning to wed next year.  We want to do small destination or maybe just the 2 of us due to pretty strict budget of about 4k.  Ideally I'd like to do Jamaica or Mexico but even with inviting a small party I am afraid that we will have noone to travel with us.  Originally I wanted 4/20/13 but when we decided to do destination we are now thinking of middle June since kids will be out of school for any invited guests with children.  Just so much to think about and decide on.  I do have my 1st Skype meeting with a TA from Beach Bum Vacations and I'm hoping she can give me lots of guidance on what is important.  I seen lots of good reviews for them.  I guess as much as I'd like to have some people to come, I want to have our special day.  I thought if I had a DW somewhere in US like Myrtle Beach we may have more guests attend then if we do out of US.  But we can get all - inclusive steal if you ask me in Mexico or Jamaica.  I've completely overwhelmed myself with the thoughts of what other people will think if we invite them to Jamaica or Mexico but I know at the same time that everyone choses to spend their $ on what they want to so if we give them over 1 year to save it is possible if they really want to.  

Did anyone else have issues with knowing ahead of time that people will probably not come? How was it just the 2 of you?? I'm very torn bc it's like I do want some people there but I really want to go to Jamaica or Mexico and wed / honeymoon there...

Sorry this post is a little confusing as my thoughts are here and there.  Looking forward to the next year with planning and once date and location is confirmed I think I will be able to relax a bit!
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