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Our luggage came!    ANd, FI LOVES his!  Yay!   Im so glad I ordered the Large.   Its gigantic.  The XL wouldve been absurd.   So HAPPY!  (who am I?  hapy about luggage?!?)

I made my BRIDE and MOH day of tank tops.  They came out great!

I went to Macy's with my friends & family coupon.  I picked up our toasting flutes & cake serving set.  yay!  all things wedding are now DONE.  I can finally pack "the wedding bag"

I also picked up some shoes, and a big floppy pool hat.  I think my shopping spree is over.  I believe I have everything I need for the vacation, attire wise.   I'm going to make another thread, with A LIST, SARAH!!! 

Im legally married!   Thanks so much for your well wishes!!!  I DID see them.   We had a great night!   We didnt do a "ceremony" as we didnt really want to take away from the actual ceremony, but we signed everything at dinner, and my BFF made a tiny little cake that simply said "I DO" on top.   it was white cake, with white chocolate ganache and raspberry filling.  mmmm, it was so good.     THEN, little Logan (hes 2) pooped.  Total blow out.  All over the seat.   Which we wouldnt have even known about, except he stuck his hand in his pants, and pulled out at poop covered hand at the table.  it was hysterical.  Gotta love kids!! 

After dinner, we came home, put on our wedding bands, and watched 4 weddings.  Haha.  Every time a new wedding came up, FI said "she looks so pretty, but not as pretty as my wife is going to look, Im marrying the most beautiful girl in the world"  Love him!!

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