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I haven't been on here much, but I've been lurking a little more as the wedding day gets closer :)

I got a 2pm time slot for my wedding and am having trouble laying out a timeline for the wedding/reception.  We'd like to have a dinner reception, but what do we do between 2 and say 6?  I was just curious how other brides are planning their big day!

Re: Sandals Brides

  • I'm not much help in this department because I had a 4:00 ceremony time, so I did a 5:00 cocktail hour and 6:00 dinner.
  • Hi & welcome ;) I am getting married at SGOR in October. Our wedding is at 3pm and we were thinking that is just too early for the dinner thing so we are doing the cocktail reception when everyone can have a little downtime, I can change & the DH and I can decompress and have some time together and we are just going to meet everyone for dinner and then hit one of the bars for drinks and dancing afterwards. We won't be a very big group so this seems like it will work for us.

  • We're getting married at 11am...sadly that was the only time available because I really didn't want am wedding, but oh well. Anywhoo, since its so few of us, we are going to end up doing a late lunch at one of the restaurants as a group.  We may gather again at dinner, but I'll have to decide that once we get there so I can make the reservations.

    But you can always slot "free time" for your guest between 2 and 6. They can explore the resort or relax on the beach or whatever.
  • I am with Natalee we are doing a 4 pm ceremony for that specific reason in order to have a flow from the ceremony to cocktail hour to the reception. 

    I suppose you could go do pictures and all just hang out together but that is a long time to be in your dress.
  • Our wedding was at 3, dinner at 6.  While we were off getting pics with the Sandals photog, our guests just went over to the Piano bar and some drinks (well my dad) even changed into their swimsuits and went for quick dip.  We just went to the bar when we were finished with photos.  It was such a celebration and everyone was just mingling/ playing pool/ catching up - it became our "cocktail hour" (or 2 or 3).  It was also perfect because everyone also got awesome sunset photos before dinner (the sun will start setting about 5ish for you Nov. in St. Lucia).

    The time flew by!  We were all having so much fun that we really could've gone to dinner later. 

    So I guess we did as Nubianqueen suggested and really just had "free time" for our guests...just so happened that all our guests decided to hang out together and celebrate.  And it was perfect.

    Whatever you decide on will be absolutely wonderful...afterall, you're going to be in a little slice of paradise! 

    And congrats!!!
  • Our wedding is at 3pm and our dinner is at 6 as well. We figured we could use the inbetween time to take pictures, freshen up, and get started on some drinks Smile
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  • Off the Posted for a second, Chichick00, I see that u are from Chicago...I'm in chicago to.

    I'm getting Married @ 12 in the afternoon and we are going to take pictures and hang out and then do a late lunch. I want to trash my dress so I want the reception to be over with before I trash my dress LOL!!!
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