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Destination Weddings

DIY Venues

Hi ladies! My DF and I are just starting our planning and are considering a destination wedding. I'm curious if anyone knows of affordable venues that would allow for significant DIY. Pre-packaged details in a hotel ballroom really don't appeal to me.

We're considering dates during the summer of 2014, as we are teachers. We'd be flying in from Dallas with probably no more than 30 guests.

A variety of locations, including Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, Central, and South America, are feasible.


Re: DIY Venues

  • You could always look into a Villa and ask what all you can do.  I choose Barbados and can do pretty much whatever I want as long as I don't destroy the place.


  • That is a SUPER wide scope of options.

    What I would suggest is sit down with your FI and come up with a list of your "must haves" for your wedding. Then possibly narrow down the scope of locations - then maybe check with your must-have list of invitees to make sure they wouldn't have issues with any of the spots to try and further narrow the main list.

    Once you have that we could probably help a little bit more. I'm thinking that anywhere you go you would be able to find a spot to do a more "diy" type scenario - some areas might just easier to figure it all out than others.

    Lots of folks are using Beach Bum Vacations to help sort through some of the options. I think you can input all your "must have" information into their website and they can let you know what options are available. They might do more of the package deals but they would still be able to give you ideas I think?

    Not trying to rain on the parade here - it's just hard to recommend / research options for ya when the possibilities are so broad!! Fortunately you've got time to figure it all out

    Congrats and Welcome!!
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  • Oh one thing to think about.... if you are traveling you will be limited on what you can take. 

    I agree with Wino, limit your range.


  • Kimmy did a really DIY wedding in Hawaii - and that is within the country / same language / same money so it might be one of the easier options? you can always rent a location, have a ceremony on a beach and have a dinner or reception back at whatever location you have rented?
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  • You're right - that is a wide range of options.  I guess I'm just frustrated because so far, most of the places I've looked at have all-inclusive packages without many options.

    I'd be interested in learning more about Kimmy's wedding.  Is there a link or something to her profile?
  • yup - I think she has her whole planning bio in her signature (see kimmykupcakes in one of the stickied posts on the message board)
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  • Brea also did an intimate beach affair in Hawaii but I think it was just her, her H and her parents? so that might not be as much help.
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  • Jen (venus909) also did a lot of DIY, her wedding was in DR at a restaurant off of the resort she stayed at.  She had nothing but great things to say about the place.
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  • Oh right - I forget that her's was also DIY. the pictures were beautiful!!
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