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Hey lady!

I just saw your comment yesterday about Lasik.

At least get a consulation if you haven't already to see if you are a good candidate and so they can explain the different options. I was shocked at how many options there are for Lasik. Like you can get Lasik, Lasek, epi-lasik (what I got done), prk, etc. I don't even remember all the options that are out there right now but you want to go with one that would be a good fit for you!

To be honest, I'm someone who freaks out over the littlest things...I drive my FI nuts. So for me, the whole thing was nervewracking. Everyone at the office was super nice though and explained everything from how I was going to feel during the surgery, how i was going to feel afterwards, and how the surgery was going to work. Honestly, the surgery part itself was 20 minutes (at the most) from walking in to walking out. Also, they gave me a drug to calm my nerves before I went in...apparently they do this with pretty much everyone.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions. :)
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Re: **JillianKrystal**

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    I'm going to butt in here, also.  I had it done just now 4 years ago.  I swear it was the best thing I spent $4k on.  I also were given many options to what I could get done.

    It was so quick--I agree it may have been 20 minutes from meeting with the dr, getting it done, and leaving.

    I can try to answer any questions too.  Anyone I talk to about glasses I completely recommend getting it done.  I honestly believe it's life changing!

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    As I'm sitting here cursing my contacts I thought about Lasik but according to the eye place mine aren't bad enough to get lasik. The girl told me you had to be +/- 4.00.  I'm not that bad. :(  Not even close. 
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    Kelly, I don't remember what exactly mine were (I should have the paperwork at home), but my eyes weren't super bad and they still did it!
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    In Response to <a href=" Theme BoardsForum:54Discussion:37404531-84cd-4198-823a-f49abdacf1b2Post:06558add-8b34-499b-89fa-0e70931ab011">Re: **JillianKrystal**</a>:
    [QUOTE]Kelly, I don't remember what exactly mine were (I should have the paperwork at home), but my eyes weren't super bad and they still did it!
    Posted by Kayla&Brian412[/QUOTE]

    Mine were around -5 in both eyes.
    Kayla - I'm curious how bad yours were before you got Lasik.

    I know absolutely nothing about how bad it has to be for you to get it done because obviously mine were pretty bad off.
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    I'll try to remember to look tonight to see if it's in my paperwork..unless they were worse then I thought! haha
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    mine are about -4 to -5..different perscriptions for each eye. You ladies really have me considering it!
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