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Envelope sealing

Hi Everyone,

I was curious if anyone has used the sealing technique that looks like paint that is monogramed to keep the envelope closed. Sorry this description isn't the best but it was the only way I could think of!


Re: Envelope sealing

  • Do you mean a wax seal?  If so, I haven't but I'm sure other girls have and will be able to help.
  • Yes! And you press it in with a monogram or something like that and it looks like a stamp kind of... Does anyone know the "real" name for it or where to find it. I am assuming calligraphers will know how to do it??

  • It's called a wax seal. You can buy your own supplies...usually a craft store like micheal's or joann's will have them. Just FYI though, I wouldn't use them on your outer envelope if you're going to be mailing them. 1. They'll get mangled in the machines and probably be ripped off and 2. They'll make you pay extra postage because the stamp will make it thicker than normal so it won't fit through the standard machine.
  • Hmmm..... good to know.  I was thinking of doing it for our AHR but now it seems more of a hassel than anything else. Thanks for all the info!

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