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Registry add ons

Okay I have been registry stalking badly. In the past I saw someone post about add ons to their Bed Bath and Beyond. Not sure if it was this forum or another, because it was well over a month ago. Lol.

So I saw tonight a bunch of add ons. Example was many selections of Keurig coffee cups and a bakers measuring set. A total of about 8 items were added on. Very odd.

I'm curious if like the other poster who noticed this, got those gifts or were they purchases from say Joe Smoe made with addition to registry and it just weirdly added on?

Re: Registry add ons

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    I had gifts added and got the gifts that were added on.  They tell you to add all gifts that you're getting the person.  And once they didn't even ask me about it but just did it and added them to a girl's registry at BBB.
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    If a guest buys something at BBB and tells them it's for your wedding they automatically add it to your registry.  Then if someone else gets the idea to give you the same thing they will know it's already been done.  I thougtht it was weird too, at first.  Now it makes sense.
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    Yeah we had a gift bought that wasn't on our registry and it showed up on the registry...Also at BBB, your registry is your 'gift receipt'....so if you decide not to keep those items they'll take them back knowing what they paid for....
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