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You changing your name?

Dang it! I just received my new business cards and realized I should have put my new name on them.

Will you be changing your name?

Re: You changing your name?

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    Yuppers!  :)  I can't wait!  I already changed the name on my phone's screen to his last name, just to get used to seeing it.  LOL
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    I was signing my name the other day and thought "I won't be doing this much longer"

    It kind of made me sad- I mean I've had that name for 34 years now...
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    Yes, I can't wait either.  My last name now is just to hard to pronounce and say on the phone to people lol.  I have to practice writing my new last name too!
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    I am, and I'm looking forward to it.  I have such an unusual, hard to pronounce, hard to spell last name that having a relatively normal, easy last name is going to be so much fun!  (It will, however, make it harder to figure out if the person on the other end of the phone is trying to sell me something; I always knew by the way they mangled my last name that they were a stranger.)
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    I'm changing mine, although I'm not too happy about it.  I just think my last name flows better, but I'm sure I'll get used to my new one. 
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    I will be changing my name.  And I was actually practicing it today.  :)
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    I'm not changing mine! Surprised I know.  If I had gotten married right out of college, I would have.  But six years into my career, not so much.  FI is fine with it.  I know it's not the most convenient for kids (who will have his name), but I'm sure the world will go on. ;)
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    I'm changing mine and already get some practice- I sign with his last name when I'm at his hotel, ordering food so I can get it for free... hehehe ;) I'm a little bummed about loosing my last name, because it's so easy and this whole side of my family is all girls, so slowly but surely there won't be any Clarks left anymore (from our family at least!). But I do like my FI's last name and am excited to have that once the day finally comes!
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    I'm semi-changing my last name, and FI is semi-changing his, because we are both changing to MyLastName-HisLastName! I am soooo attached to my last name that I just can't give it up - it makes me who I am. FI has a very plain and common last name, which he has zero attachment to because he doesn't have a relationship with his father and his other siblings have his mother's last/maiden name, and he's excited to take on my family's name. I think I'd lose my sense of identity if I took dropped my name and took his only. Our kids will have hyphenated names, which I don't really think is a big deal.
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    Yes.  I'm excited to have fi's lastname but it will also be sad that i'm taking off my maiden name... I've had that lastname since as along as I can remember it's been my identity :o(
    It will be fine though.... I need to practice my new signature :o)

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    In Response to <a href=" Theme BoardsForum:54Discussion:40313bb7-873a-4e60-b10a-b1cea4a0d2eaPost:f0ecf522-4d15-47ea-bdd6-2e256cf837e8">Re: You changing your name?</a>:
    [QUOTE]I'm semi-changing my last name, and FI is semi-changing his, because we are both changing to MyLastName-HisLastName! I am soooo attached to my last name that I just can't give it up - it makes me who I am. Posted by LolaPizzy[/QUOTE]

    This. I'm not legally changing it, though. Here in DR a lot of women have the "married formula", but 99% do not legally change it. The "married formula" is Jane Doe <u><strong>de </strong></u>Husband's last name. Which works like the <strong>- </strong>you use in the States.

    I have signed my articles with my name and last name for almost a decade, so changing all of a sudden, at least in work related things, its not going to happen. But for everything else I will do the "de" thing.

    Of course this drove FI crazy at first. His first wife drop hers entirely, so he didn't see NOT changing my name as an option. But he had to compromise and meet me halfway.
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    In Response to <a href=" Theme BoardsForum:54Discussion:40313bb7-873a-4e60-b10a-b1cea4a0d2eaPost:47467419-b7cd-4c14-97e5-a24da429fdc9">Re: You changing your name?</a>:
    [QUOTE]I'm changing mine, although I'm not too happy about it.  I just think my last name flows better, but I'm sure I'll get used to my new one. 
    Posted by slevesquemut[/QUOTE]

    This. and i need to practice it cuz it looks like chicken scratch right now lol
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    Its a bitter-sweet topic...but ultimately I am excited to take his name :) We have the same dilemma...all 4 girls in my family so the Doyle name will disappear slowly but surely!
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    I've been debating this for some time now. I'm not sure if I will keep two last names( without hyphenating i.e. Hillary Rodham Clinton) or just have his name.  I didn't think there would be so much deliberatating on my part but it's been a hard decision!
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    I am planning to change my name but im not sure if I want to totally loose mine because I like the look i get when I say....yeah its spelled GO Van!! LOL
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    I'm changing mine. I dont have an attachment to my last name/biological father (whom I call my sperm donor). My brother and (step)dad have the same last name, but my mom kept hers so I wouldnt be the only one with a different last name. I'm excited for our future family to be united in our last name.
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    I am SO excited to change my last name.  In fact, I would probably change it right now if that wouldn't make me seem like a crazy person, haha.  Although, I recently discovered that I have probably not written a cursive "Z" since I was in third grade.... and you can definitely tell by my soon-to-be signature. I need to start practicing.
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    I can't wait to change my last name! I have NO attachment to my current name at all.
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    Yep, I'm changing mines. I'm not really attached to my last name...all though, I have to wait until we are done closing on this house. I don't want to redo a bunch of paperwork!
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    My driver's license expires in 2011 so I figure I'll change it then.  I'm not crazy about it, I have a normal, easy to pronounce common name and I'll be changing to a italian last name that no one can pronouce correctly, but it's making DH so happy that we will have the same last name so that makes it better.
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