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For Sale...finally!!

Hi lovely ladies...I can't believe so many of you are getting so close to your wedding day!!!  I know you are probably beyond excited ;) 

I've finally taken the time to go through wedding stuff that's been sitting around since October!!  The hubby is going to be happy to see some of this stuff gone...Here's a list of what I have available, I hope to get pictures up and do a formal "for sale" page in my bio but for now this will have to do.
- 31 hibiscus tote bags (oriental trading)
- 27 raffia fans (oriental trading - most small some medium sized)
- 6 small sand pails - blue (I used these to make table settings for the kids)
- 4 flexafun sticks/4 decorate a puzzle sets (some of the items used for above pails)-great crafts for kids during the reception!
- 1 box (10) submersible floralytes/blue (never used)
- 1 (2lb) bag colorfill vase filler
- 1 (20yd) reel of sheer silver ribbon
- 1 box (6 pieces) floral sprays
- 1 (8x8) square mirror (centerpiece item)
- 1 (7inch) round mirror (centerpiece item)
- 1 (12oz) bag glass mini marbles (cobalt blue)
- 1 strand wired crystal garland
- 16 St. Thomas postcards (variety)
- 1 (8.5x11) wood frame (never used) - I used one for a "shoes here" sign
- multiple sheets of light blue and green cardstock

I have a few other things but will post later.  If you're interested in anything please email me @ [email protected] and I'll be happy to go over prices, etc. 

**Take care loves and happy planning**
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