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CHECK!!! AW!!! (again! this time WR)

I finally booked our flights!!!!  Ugh, it feels so so so sooooo goooood to have that done!  I held out for a deal that never came (one better NOT come in the next few months either!) but ended up with a non stop flight at $200 less than the original flight I SHOULD have booked.  I've never flown with United so please send vibes that they work out!  The other flight I should have booked was Delta...I really wanted JetBlue but their prices were, and still are insane!  Anyone with good experience with United?  Please share!  If not, please do not say word, just send silent vibes! lol!!
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Re: CHECK!!! AW!!! (again! this time WR)

  • I do not remember if it was united but when I went to Alaska I took about 3 planes there and 3 planes back and it was a great experience .  You will be fine and your flight will go wonderfully!!  
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  • Aww yay Nicole!! Sorry your deal didn't come but what a great check!! I have only flown with Frontier so I am no help but vibes your way!!
  • I flew united from Tampa to Atlanta and Tampa to Newark New Jersey..Its no jet blue but the flights were comfortablle. I believe they have tvs and the pilots were pretty good.
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  • FI takes United frequently when he travels for work, and he's never had a problem. 

    Nice check! 
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  • All I can say is be happy you didn't get Delta. We fly them all the time (FI has crazy amounts of frequent flyer miles from work so we get upgrades usually) and we have had TONS of problems with them.

    Congrats on the check!!
  • Woohoo! Very important check!

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  • Whew!  Thanks Ladies!!! You made me feel 100% at ease, I will try not to worry.  Besides, it's only about a 4 hour flight (eek! lol!)

    Faith- Such an important check!  I was starting to get worried that FI and I would have to take 3 planes and a boat to get to Jamaica if I waited any longer! lol!
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  • What an exciting check! My excitement lasted for a few days after we booked our flights :-) I fly United every once in a while, and like Brit said - it's not JetBlue, but it's generally okay. We booked United for our DW, too. Sending good vibes your way!!
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  • Exciting!! I typically fly United for work at least twice a year and I've only had a problem once, and it was minor (flight was delayed about 2 hours). Woohoo!
  • Kate- I am still excited, this week is full of exciting news for me!

    Brittany- that's not too bad...although I do hope everything about my flights go perfectly, lol!
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