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Sorry I know this has been asked before, but I am reallly confused

about tipping. We are getting married in Puerto Rico in 15 days and I have been so busy with work that I have not been able to figure out little details, one being who to tip at the wedding. Everyone that I ask tells me something different. My MOH said that I do not tip the make up and hair person because she is coming to the hotel and we are not going to a salon. I dont really think that is true, but she does own her own company so I am not sure. However, she is bringing an assistant so how do I tip one without the other. Then I am also not sure about the florist, photographer, dj, cupcake person, guitar person etc..... Also, do you tip 20% to everyone. Sorry I am just very confused!

Re: Sorry I know this has been asked before, but I am reallly confused

  • Oops I spelled really wrong sorry
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    Oooh, I am probably the worst person on here to comment on this one....  I simply don't understand 'tipping' vendors when you are already paying them.  I mean, if you want more money, charge it! 

    I can understand tipping if someone goes above and beyond for you, but if we are already paying them for their services and they perform them as requested, why the tip?  I know our caterers have the tip built in for their servers, but we don't plan to tip anyone else.  It's just too much money!

    Please don't be too rough on me, I know some people are really committed to giving tips!  :) 

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  • I personally think it is very important to tip. The general rule is that if someone owns the company you don't have to tip them, however. So if your hairdresser owns the company you don't "have" to tip. But personally, I would. She is coming out of her way to your hotel. And definately the hair assistant if they are bringing someone else. Also photographer assistants, planners, obviously the food and drink bill (if it isn't already included). The list of people we are tipping includes:
    Photographer assistant
    Floral assistant
    Wedding Coordinator
    Venue/Food/Bar (20% is added to our bill automatically)
    Trolley Driver
    Hairstylist and her assistants

    Hope that helps!
  • Thanks that does help a lot!

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