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Great mail day!!! (PIP)

So after a successful day Christmas shopping, I come home to find 2, yes 2, packages!!!!  The first package is from  my elfster, Katie (irishkatie80)!!!  And my scarves...I LOVE 'em!!!!  So versatile and I already found outfits to wear them with next week!  ;)  The card too was fantastic!!!  :) 

Then, I found another package...this time from VP!!!
So here are my extra STD's since I didn't order enough initially.  I'll add these to my planning bio too.
Here's the front (this is an actual photo from when we went down last year)

Then on the back of the postcard (I'll be sending them out in envelopes)

So all in all, great day!!!!

Re: Great mail day!!! (PIP)

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