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Just need to vent....*Sigh*

So FI`s friends SO is at it again. Making everyone feel sorry for her... the smallest thing ticks her off. Apparently I am supposed to extend an invite to her for everything I do with another friend of mine? (who just happens to be the SO of Jay`s other good friend). Oh, but she has never ever extended an invite to me for anything in the years that I have known her...  My biggest pet peeve is double standard bullsh*t.

So now, apparently I am back in the bad books with Jay's friend. Since when is any kind of relationship based on one person always taking, and the other giving?

This just makes me feel so much better about eloping with my FI.

Rant over!
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Re: Just need to vent....*Sigh*

  • she sounds annoying! I'm with you on the eloping thing, seriously considering it actually!
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  • I'm sorry people are crazy stef! Did you and Jay offcially decide to elope?

  • That's too bad Stef sorry u have to deal with her. I would totally be eloping if FI would let us, all.I care about is being married to him and I am sure you feel the same!! Do what is going to make your and FIs day memorable not everyone else :) Sounds kind of mean to say but i think It's about the two people doing it!!
  • I am sorry this is happening.  The double standard thing is crap and even if you brought it up to her, she would have some excuse as to why she didn't invite you.  Maybe Jay can say something to his friend.
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  • That's such a childish thing to do, both FI's friend and the S/O...
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  • Your friends SO is pretty annoying. I am on team elope all the way !
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  • Dolly - it is so annoying!!

    Rach - Yes!! We haven't officially announced it yet, because we are trying to figure out if we are going to do it next year or in 2014 like originally planned. If we don't need everyone else to save for the trip, then we can do it next year :)

    Meg - It doesn't sound bad at all. Jay and I had originally thought about doing it this way so it would be all about us!

    Cathy - honestly, as much as I would like to confront the situation the last time I did it... I was the one starting the 'drama' and being a bully for confronting her. Wtf?

    Very childish, and eloping has never sounded better!!

    Thank you so much for listening ladies, it means a lot to be able to vent and get opinions other than Jay's. Thankfully, like all of you his opinion of the situation is the same as mine... that I am not out of line thinking and feeling the way I am.

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  • Kimmy - I really want to do that!!!!  Jay said the same thing last night, it's just awkward because of his best friend.
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