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Excitement and Confusion.

There is a dress in OLD Navy that I wanted to wear while in the Dominican Republic. The dress matches my wedding colors ( Fuschia and Orange). I was not going to purchase the dress thinking I had enough for the trip. Last night my FI came home with the dress. He said he saw the way I kept looking at the dress the two times we went to Old Navy and new I wanted it since it was our wedding colors. I was so HAPPY!
Now the confusion part, my Bridal Party have given me some information about my Bridal Shower on is that the attire will be beach casual ( meaning sundress type). I purchase my dress for my Bridal Shower back in October when JC Penny's was having a dress blow out sale. The dress is white with fuschia and orange design. Now I am thinking about wearing the dress he bought me to shower. I believe the one from Old Navy is more beach casual then the one from JC Penny's. I am so torn.

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