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Such a mess!!!

Ok, so we are leaving in less than 2 wks now.  OMG!!!  Time sure does fly by.  So, yesterday we got out all of our luggage (4 huge bags) and started packing.  Our house is such a MESS right now!!!!!!!!!!!!  I almost took a picture to show you ladies just how bad our living room looks right now.  LOL!  It's like attack of the killer luggage.  The dog has no idea what is going on and he's kind of freaking out.  Poor thing.  I'll be so happy when the bags are completely packed and standing next to the front door.  I'm going to be working hard on that over my 3-day weekend.  But I just had to share the craziness that is my house right now.  And I know that you are the only ladies on here who know what we're going through at home right now.  Yay for being a DW Bride.  LOL!  Oh, and I pick up my dress tomorrow.  Smile  Have a great one ladies.
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