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Effing Seriously?

Eff you, UPS!  Eff you right in your stupid brown mouth!

I just got off the phone with UPS.  They will not allow me to arrange to have the package (my veil)  held at the warehouse for pickup.  The sender has to do that.  Ok, fine, I'll email the sender and ask her to do that.   SO then I say, what if something happens in transit and it comes in late, can i give you the name and address of a person authorized to pick it up, and they can show ID?  "NO"   um, excuse me??   "sorry ma'am that is corporate UPS policy"    oh really?  well let me tell you something, Rosa, you miserable old b!tch.  If i dont have my veil on my wedding day because of some bullsiht corporate suit who wants to tell me what i can do with my packages, i'm gonna rain down a storm of siht on ups like you have never seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Effing Seriously?

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    That sounds insane to me! I've done everything that you've asked for before on packages less important! I hope you get it!
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    That makes ZERO sense. If your name is on the package why can't they give you the package if you clearly show your ID that matches the name/address as the package recipient? WTF, I would be calling everyone that works at UPS if I was you!
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    I dated a UPS guy for a long time, and what she says is NOT true.  Call back and ask for a supervisor. 

    They CAN hold your package if it's in the warehouse.  If it hasn't arrived yet, they can't mark anything on record to hold it because it's not in the warehouse's system yet.  So you'd basically have to call every afternoon (they load the trucks late evening/overnight) and ask if it's there and if they can hold it for you.  Once it's loaded on the truck, they will NOT take it off.  You'll have to get the notice slip on your door, then use that to call and ask them to hold it for the following day.

    But she IS correct that only the person who the package is addressed to can go pick it up (although some people will let it slide if the person's driver's license has the same last name or same address, although they're not supposed to.)  Our UPS warehouse is open until 9PM so you shouldn't have a problem getting to it after work.  Good luck!
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    Thanks, girls.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  Im actually done with work, so thats not an issue...the issue is I'll be in NYC gettin my dress and rings.  Then Im getting my hair cut, and then I have a dinner to attend.   If I have to, I'll sit in the warehouse, all gussied up, waiting for my package on the way to the dinner. 

    I'm just upset that my backup plan isnt a backup anymore.   If i was unable to obtain the package, my aunt was going to pick it up, and bring it down with her.  so much for that idea!! 

    and, i just realized that UPS has my wedding night lingerie, too.   WTF UPS, get my my stuff! 
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    sld0618sld0618 member
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    "Eff you right in your stupid brown mouth!"

    Haha!  It will come in on time!  I am sending some :::KNOTTIE VIBES:::
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    Wow!!!!!!  What a pain in the arse!!!!!!  I'm sure there is nothing to worry about and you will get everything in time.  Deep breath!!!!!
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