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What's the deal with Tungsten Carbide rings for men?

I just started looking and I see them everywhere! They're cheaper than white gold but is there a down side? Do they turn colors after awhile or what? Lol Please clue me in

Re: What's the deal with Tungsten Carbide rings for men?

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    [QUOTE]My FI wants a Tungsten, so he's been looking into those. I like them because they're cheaper (he loses everything), and that they're practically indestructible, so there's a fat chance at him ever damaging it. I like the idea of buying a cheaper women's one for traveling! I'll have to look into them...
    Posted by bah86[/QUOTE]<div>
    </div><div>My husband picked out a tungsten ring from DIANA. We both LOVED the ring and loved that it was supposed to be a very strong material. We found the ring scratched very easily, but nothing major. However, we have had nothing but issues with the ring since we've been married. About a month after the wedding we found 3 cracks in the ring. We brought it back to the store we purchased it from and they said they had never seen anything like that before. They sent it back to DIANA and they made a new ring, which took about 6 weeks. My husband has been wearing his new ring for about 3 weeks and we noticed a diamond missing this morning. We had been told how the rings are made that there is no way a diamond can fall out. So my husband is getting a new ring yet again. He's had a new ring for every month we've been married! I never heard anything bad about these rings aside from the fact they can't be resized, but this is crazy. Has anyone else had any similar issues?
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