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Hi Sam, Quick question, are you using iberostar's photographer or are you hiring an outside vendor? Videographer? Sorry, I know it's been a while since I've been on and I'm starting to feel like I have been slacking! As a fellow Iberostar bride I figured I better reach out already! Lol Thank you!!!
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    It's going well I think lol. I'm not really sure what I should have done at this point though. We've obviously booked the resort and arranged our travel. This month we're getting our invitations, our rings and my dress... I'm going to look into that photographer as well! If you don't mind me asking, what are her prices like? Anything else you think I should have done? I feel like I'm not doing anything sometimes. Lol. How are you feeling? You're in the homestretch!!! How exciting!!!
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  • LOL I feel that way sometimes too!  I think your big things would be your dress (I would do that soon) and your invitations.  I would also look into photography, but other then that you have to have a final count for everything else I feel like!

    Marcia Roberts prices are extremelly resonable.  She does a different package for everyone it seems like (no real set price).  One nice thing about her is that she does not have time limits for her and her second photographer.  They basically come and stay as long as needed which is nice so we won't feel rushed.  She also pays the hotel vendor fee and you get all the edited photos on DVD.  My package is $1750 which I think is totally reasonable. However, like I said her packages really seem to vary and she will just email you a package and price and you can take off or add things.

    I know I cannot believe how close I am!!!! I am starting to panic LOL!  I am waiting until aftre we move in a couple weeks to order the last of the things we need and then I have to start making the program fans, the OOT bags, the escort cards, and the table numbers!  Very exciting!

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