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Hi there. 

I am doing the same as you... going on our cruise and getting married in one of the ports. 

With regard to the Welcome bags, I asked the same question with previous DW Knotties and the majority suggested to do exactly what you're doing.  Take everything with you and then put the Welcome bags together once you're on board.  It makes it easier for transporting.

I have a list of items in my Bio.  It has the same things as most other DW Brides, but a few additional items for cruisers like a night light and extension cord....well, not quite an extension cord, but one that has multiple outlets for the cabins., etc....

Hope this helps!!!!! 

P.S.  I love your "Ticker"... I had the same exact one... and just took it down this past weekend!  :)

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    Hi Misskopjeg!

    Thanks for the compliment! My planning bio literally took me like 2 weeks of every night working on it. It was really great to be able to put all of the ideas that I love in one place beside My Pics. For your oot bags I would definitely assemble once there if you have the time. This is a list I found on another website. Check it out and let me know if you have any other questions.

    advil, tylenol
    alka-seltzer, imodium or pepto – travel size
    aloe vera gel
    beach ball
    beach mat
    beach towel
    bookmark bottled water
    bubble bath
    bug spray
    cameras (underwater, disposable, ect.)
    candle for the room
    cd of music
    double sided tape
    drink mix, powdered

    first-aid kit
    flashlights – travel size

    gift certificate (spa, excursion, etc.)
    hand sanitizer
    hangover kit

    hats or visors
    key card holder
    key chain
    lib balm
    lint roller – travel size
    liquor bottle – mini size
    list of activities (on and off site)
    local snacks
    location information
    luggage tag
    message in a bottle
    nail file
    photo albums
    picture frame
    playing cards
    pool raft
    postcards (2 – 1 for them and 1 for guest book)
    puzzle book (sudoku, crossword, ect)
    safety pins
    sewing kit – travel
    shot glass
    shout stick or wipes
    snacks (local, candy, salty, etc.)

    spa salts
    tank top/shirt with wedding logo
    tissue packet
    translator – english to xxxx common phrases
    travel cup
    welcome letter
    wet wipes

    Oh and the ones in purple are the ones I plan on including in mine! Happy planning!!

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    Oh nice job, Preshelli!!!
    I just saw her post in that other thread and told her she should start a separate thread for her question so that people could help her.

    AlternaTickers - Cool, free Web tickers
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    Yeah, I figured her post would get lost in that thread! 
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    Thanks so much for all the help. I will definitely keep the list so i can get some of these things. I really appreciate all the help from you guys.
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    hey, sorry abut the post. i'm still new to this board and i don't know how to reply so that it doesn't get lost. do i go and do a new post????
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    Yeah you just have to click create a new post and it will start a new thread for people to respond to.
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