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Hey Ladies!  I hope everyone is having a good Tuesday, so far!  It is rainy and cold here today, so I don't think that I will be outside too much!

B - ww english muffin with natural pb

L - yogurt, berries and granola
S - apple
D - either turkey tacos or chicken stir fry - whichever FI decides to cook!

WO - I feel like I should do something, but my body is telling me otherwise.  It is tired!  If anything I may go walk on the treadmill after work.  My trainer kicked my a$$ last night!

Have a happy/healthy dayLaughing
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Re: accountability

  • Hiya!

    B- coffee and a tangerine
    L - Chicken Chili and Salad
    S - not sure?
    D - Sub Sandwich or Chipotle

    WO - I'm going to try and run a couple of miles tonight. Boot camp kick my @ss last night and I'm feeling really sore but I really need to work all the muscles again so that I can manage boot camp tomorrow!!
  • Today is not a good day for this...ugh.

    B: coffee
    L: Wendy's chicken sandwich on my way out to field work
    D: pizza, and probably at least one beer with the other officers of the professional society I belong to. 

    The society meeting will prevent me from working out either. I guess I did field work today. That's kind of like almost working out. 
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