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Hello ladies, lots of new faces here so I'd like to say hello to all. I was a groom here who posted quite a bit for several years up until my oct. 2010 wedding. The reason for this post is to share my experience as well as warn all future knotties about Kenneth Stillman Video.

I'm sure alot of you are already aware of this "business" but for those who don't just google him and i'm sure you'll find alot of negative info about him. But anyway, me and DW booked Ken a year before our 10/9/10 wedding. A couple days before the wedding he calls me to tell me that he won't have a film crew at the guys location due to the distance between the ceremony location and where the guys were getting dressed at. It didn't bother me so much so I was like whatever, that's fine. During the wedding his wife and son showed up and shot our wedding and everything went off without a hitch.

Before he revised his new contract, it stated that video editing time takes roughly 26 weeks but it could be delayed. His line is that he wants to create a masterpiece and refuses to rush a job and end up making a video that isn't up to par. Around the 26 week mark I contacted him to get a followup on where we stand with the video. After about 2-3 weeks he finally got in touch with me and stated that he was behind on some of this projects and he couldn't guarantee me a time, but that he should have it done within 90 days. I was fine with that as I do freelance photography and understand what it is like to get overwhelmed.

Fast forward to close to a year after we've been married. During this time we've still have not heard from Ken. I contacted him several times throughout the month of September and October and received no responses. I then followed that up with a letter of demand stating that if I don't hear from him within a certain period of time I will file a small claims suit against his business. I never heard from him. I spoke with a friend of mine who is in the legal field and he suggested I send a second letter of demand which I did. He did not even accept that letter, but I also sent one regular postal without him needing to sign for it to make sure he received it. Still never heard anything. At that point I went and filed the small claims suit out in Bucks County.

I now have just received the paperwork in the mail granting me a Default Judgement due to him not appearing in court. The money doesn't hold a candle to the memories lost thanks to this man. Fortunately I still have the beautiful pictures taken by our wedding photographer Marc Anthony.

I'm now in the process of contacting Good Morning America (I did a segment with them on groomzillas) and will be contacting several other news agencies to see if I can get some help on at least retrieving the raw footage from our wedding. I saw on CWPhilly a segment they did on him and the couple were able to retrieve their video.

So just a warning ladies, if you or anyone you know or someone you may come across please please warn them to stay away from Kenneth Stillman Video or any of the other names he goes by now.

Even though i'm now married you ladies can't get rid of me. Hit me up BOOYAH!!!

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