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Tasty Tuesday

Who doesnt love chipotle?!   As much as i love it, it can get quite pricey.  My version of chipotle at home.  

chicken or steak
pico de gallo
FF cheddar
black beans (optional)
FF sour cream (optional)
lettuce (optional)
wholey guacamole (optional)
tabasco (optional)

1. cook rice.  I use brown rice, and cook it in a rice cooker.  If you want, add some salt, juice of a lime and 2tbsp of chopped fresh cilantro.   The frozen steam fresh bags of brown rice are great when youre in a hurry.
2.  slice peppers & onions.   season with adobo.  they do make a reduced sodium version.  its great.    sautee til soft, set aside.
3.  season meat with adobo and chili powder.   cook in a grill pan.  slice.
add rice, veggies, meat, big ole spoon of pico and FF cheddar to bowl.  
4. add other optional toppings.   lettuce, bean, ff sour cream, tabasco, or guac (i use wholey guac) 
5. viola!!  burrito bowl!!
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