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Goodness. My poor mom.

At first I was kind of ticked at her for her rude comments at me.  Now I just feel so sorry for her.  

Evidently she's been crying for 4 days nonstop about the wedding.  She's got very bad anxiety issues and should be on her Xanax daily but she only takes it when she's around us.  

Everything from the flight, to which sisters' hotel she stay in (says they don't love her!), will she even see me enough (during a 3 day wedding event), the expenses(though she was going to buy $2200 counter tops without a blink), how her HAIR will look (because Western air is much drier than Indiana and her hair doesn't poof enough out here).  Yes, her hair.

It's hard to grasp because she has flown out here twice (both the BEST vacations of her life she said), and wanted to come out this summer as well.  She WAS all excited for Jackson Hole (went there in 2005 with me), til I said it will be too hard to host 7 people in my house.  So it's hard to really understand this all.  I caved and said they could stay before the wedding.  All 7 of them.  I thought this will probably be the only time my sister and my nephew will ever see my city and home, so I caved.

I only know she's been crying for 4 days because dad told my sister.  We haven't talked for 2 weeks.  I'm trying to think what can I possibly say in an email to calm her, but I don't think I can.

Does this sound like an anxiety disorder?  I know she's depressed too, she's admitted that.  But she will deny it's anxiety.  Says it's all uf us girls (sisters and I) who make her crazy.
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