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Whats the easiest hassel free way...

So we are going to Mexico for our wedding ceremony next July. Mexico however has some crazy requirements to get legally married there. So instead we are just going down to the court house before we go to Mexico to make it legal in WA so we can just have our cereomony there without the hassel.
This is what I want to know... How far in advance should be go to the court house to get married before we leave for Cancun. Should we go the day before our flight and if so would I need anything for traveling since I will be married. Or should we go like a month before our trip so I  can get my name changed on my passport and drivers license?
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Re: Whats the easiest hassel free way...

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    Do NOT try to change your name before you leave! It will only lead to issues when traveling.... I know a girl that went on a trip to Jamaica and had already been married for a few years, but her tickets were booked in her maiden-married name....she almost didnt get to go. She (luckily) had her marriage license, birth certificate, drivers license AND passport so they let her on.....but if I were you-I wouldnt chance it! I am also getting married legally here in the states before we leave, but wont do ANY changing my name until we get back.

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    I agree with the previous post.  We're getting married in October and I'm not even going to think about changing my name until next year, because I don't want to take any chances with holiday travel plans.
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    Agree with PPs, do not change your name before traveling!  I would check with your local courthouse to find out if you get your marriage certificate right away that day or if they need to process the paperwork then mail you the certificate in a few days...that would help with the decision on how far in advance you need to go if you want to be married when you head to Mexico for your celebration.

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    Agreed! Don't change your name before!

    We are planning on going on Monday to do the legal stuff and are leaving on Wed.
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    Agreed. We're probably going to legally get married sometime this year but our wedding in Mexico isnt until April and I wont be messing with name changes until then.

    Really you can go to the courthouse however early youd like. Just becareful with the name changing.
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    Thanks everyone! I wont change my name before we go!!!!
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