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Question of the Day!

What is/was your something old, something blue. something borrow, something blue, (and a sixpence in your shoe if you did/are doing one)?

Re: Question of the Day!

  • Something old-  I'm making my garter out of the lace of my mom's wedding dress, so I'm counting this as my something old.

    Something new- My wedding dress

    Something borrowed- Still undecided

    Something blue- Blue on the inside of my garter
  • My something old is a white gold & diamond ring that was my grandmothers, and her mothers....its over 100yrs old.  new is my dress. i havent figured out borrowed yet, im at a total loss. blue....will be either my shoes or my underwear.  havent decided yet.  and a penny in my shoe! 
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    Something Old-Will most likely be my great great grandmother's ring (I may actually attach it to my garter, its very pretty/sparkly so I don't want it to take away from my wedding ring!)

    Something New- Will either be my dress (though by then it will hardly be considered "new" b/c I'll have had it for 3 years lol) or my veil, since that will be one of the later purchases I'll make!

    Something Borrowed-This hasn't been decided yet...I'm thinking it will be either a piece of jewelry or something I can put on my bouquet. This will be decided a lot closer to wedding.

    Something Blue-I love the cute monogramed undies, so I'm probably going to use those as my something blue (though since blue is one of my colors with the purple it could end up being used somewhere else on me!)

    And then I'll put a penny in my shoe...if I'm wearing shoes! Otherwise I'll toss that one
  • Something old & Borrowed: My moms diamond from her wedding ring she had made into a necklace for all of her girls to wear for our weddings.  I am combining these!

    Something Blue: My garter

    Something New: My dress

    No sixth pence in my shoe for me!
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  • Something old:  A ring from my great grandmother

    Something new:  Dress, shoes, jewelry, garter...

    Something borrowed: Great grandmothers ring that is technically my moms, and the veil I wore was the one my bff wore in her wedding last year.  Hoping when our other bff gets married one day she will also be able to wear it but we'll see :)

    Something blue:  Bride undies
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  • I'm going to be stalking this thread because I am at a total loss for something old and borrowed. I thought of using the pearl earrings that my sister also wore at her wedding that belong to our aunt, but I don't really want to wear pearls. They just seem a little too formal and less fun than the jewelry I'm thinking.
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  • Something old:  ????

    Something new:  Dress, shoes, etc.
    Something borrowed: I am going to talk to FMIL this weekend to see if she has any ideas/things she might want to lend me.  Otherwise I might borrow jewelry from a friend.
    Something blue:  Mrs Undies...although I received them in the mail the other day and they look kinda small! 
  • I'm at a loss on most of this also...
    Obviously, I have the "something new" covered - my dress, veil, headpiece, jewelry and shoes will ALL be new...
    Old, borrowed & blue are all throwing me off right now...  I might look into the blue undies idea since I don't plan on having a garter...  I suppose I need to hit my aunts and stepmom up for the something old and/or borrowed
    I am thinking there will not be a penny in my shoe - unless I fasten it in somehow - because they will likely be strappy, beach-appropriate shoes and I figured the penny would just fly out anyway...
  • Something old = not sure.  I mentioned to FI I didn't have anything, and he said that he will take care of this?  I asked him the other day and he said yup, he will give me my something old.  Wonder what it is?!

    Something borrowed = I decided to change my earrings, and borrow a girlfriend's earrings, these beautiful chandelier-style ones.  They give my dress a bit of extra glamour ;)

    Something new = My dress

    Something blue = My Mrs. undies, and my shoes :)
  • Something Old- I'm going to wear a ring that Jay gave me when we had been together for about 6 months. (on my right hand)

    Something New- My dress!

    Something borrowed- A beautiful, wonderful friend (named Maura Elizabeth) offered for me to borrow her stunning hair flower for my wedding so that will be my something borrowed :)

    Something blue- Still working on this one. Possibly my underwear?
  • not sure if I'm actually going to follow this tradition...but if I do...

    something old - ??? (my mom was married in a courthouse and never had a wedding dress or anything of the sort so trying to tie in something that way, will be hard)

    something borrowed - ???

    something new - the dress

    something blue - my foot jewelry.
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  • Not quite sure yet but these are my thoughts:

    Something old - I will be putting charms with old pictures of my deceased grandparents on my bouquet.

    Something new - My dress, etc

    Something borrowed - Not sure about this.  May be borrowing my BFF's veil as well.  Depends on the dress I pick.  She has already offered though.

    Something blue - Umm....My Chicago Bears garter of course!!  :)
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  • Something Old: My grandmother's birthstone ring. We were the only two August babies and when she died, my grandfather gave the ring to me. I wear it on all big occasions in my life so she can share in the day with me.

    Something New: My dress

    Something Borrowed: My great aunt's garter...when my mom was 5 years old, she went to her aunt's wedding and didn't know that girls weren't supposed to try to catch the garter. She ran up to catch it and it landed on her head! She kept it and wore it when she got married...then she kept it for my sister and I.

    Something Blue: A totally rockin' killer pair of navy blue Lanvin heels that I got for a steal! 
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