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Keeping Myself Accountable - Take 2

Alright, this worked last weekend so doing it again! Holding myself accountable! lol

Here is the list of everything I want to get done this weekend. When they are done they will be bold and red.

1) Corsages for the Mothers
2) Last FG Headband
3) Add the ribbon to flowers for aisle
4) Add the ribbon on votive holders for head table
5) Put together the two bouquets for the altar
6) Select what type of program I'm doing
7) Photobooth/Guestbook sign
8) 'In Case of Cold Feet' wrap for socks
9) Find right quote to go with pictures of parents & put in frame
10) Develop & frame pictures of parents on their wedding days
11) Develop pictures for frames (BM gifts)
12) Develop pictures for MOH's scrapbook

Re: Keeping Myself Accountable - Take 2

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