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Wedding Recap!

Let me just start off saying that my wedding day was a million times better then I every could have imagined.  The only time I felt any anxiety was the morning of the wedding!

Brian and I woke up and had room service breakfast!  My girls met me in my room around 10, and my hair appt started at 10:30.  We all got our hair done, then I got my make up done.  My amazing photographer, Tonhya Kae Photographer, met us in the spa to get some pictures done.  The 4 of us ladies went back to my room and ordered some lunch.  This is where I chowed down on some Coke and Cheese Nachos J  We then got me in my dress, it was pretty funny listening to my girls figure out how to lace up my dress.

Then, at 2:15 Tonhya and I met Brian downstairs for our first look.  We spent about 45 minutes doing pictures just the 2 (3) of us and it was awesome.  Brian was a bit toasted, but he actually had fun getting his picture taken which has NEVER happened, so Tonhya was beyond amazing for making this happen!  Then at 3, we headed to the beach to do family and Bridal Party pictures J  It was fun.  At 3:45 I headed back to my room with my mom, brother, and 3 BM.  We waited for Cyntia, our amazing wedding coordinator to come get us, who escorted us (a secret back way so I didn’t have to walk through the resort again) to where I entered the ceremony at.

I choked up walking down the aisle when I heard my song start (Carrie Underwood’s Look at Me), but then as soon as I saw my BMs BF drinking his mojito (all he drank the entire week he was there) I busted out laughing…he saved me a few times that night!  We get up to the ceremony, our officiant was crazy looking and called me “Kyyyla”  We go through everything, say I do, exchange ring vows, and kiss.  It truly was magical!

They hand out a glass of champagne for everyone to toast to and we thanked everyone for being there.  Then they brought out our cake (yes, at the ceremony). I really wanted to smash the cake and Brian didn’t really care…well apparently his mother did and we were looking at her and she was like “don’t you dare!”  which of course made me want to do it even more so that’s what we did J  It was fun and Brian definitely got my more considering I had cake all in my boobs for the remainder of the night and the WC had to help wipe my face off!!

We did a few more pictures including a group shot before everyone headed to the reception (see good! In GBU post!).  Our DJ, Discomovil was AMAZING!  He played all the country music I could have thought of and was so impressed.  We had our cocktail hour, then at 6 we did our dances, then started dinner.  This is where BMs BF saved me again.  I really had to pee and no one would go eat until I did, so he got up, went to the buffet and put his plate in his hand and held it up (mind you he was like 6 feet tall)…so that got everyone started!  I never ate a bite of my dinner, whoops.

The reception ended up with rain, but good luck right?  We were about to go inside but family was like why bother?  We ended up in the pool, drunk, and nothing but laughs J

Oh, and I can’t forget the 4:30 wake up call on Sunday (instead of the day after) to do a sunrise shoot…those pictures are going to be stunning!!

Amazing time!


Now to my pinpoints of GBU

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