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NWR: Just Around The River Bend...

I'll be off probably until May...maybe checking in once in a while (probably just lurk), but for the most part off.

I'm taking 21 units this semester for my credential program. As many of you know...that's a whole lot of units. It's also graduate work, which means harder than undergraduate work. Also means lots of studying. I'm also initial student teaching in the morning. Just lots and lots going on.

Which means, I'm missing some great girls' weddings. I wish you girls the best of luck who are getting married before I get back.

To those of you who will still be around...I cannot wait to see more details and get to know the newbies. It has been extremely stressful since I lost my job (hence why I haven't been on since bascially then) and I don't see the stress letting up until I reach May.

So congrats to my STBs that I will miss. I hope you enjoy your weddings and I give everyone who requests them in the next few months, all the knottie vibes I can give.

Happy Planning Ladies!!
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