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Checks and Bummer *long*

Today I got something WR things done...

Went to Michael's and got the OOT bags and a Ring Bearer tshirt for my nephew. It's sooo cute! It has a little badge on it, and on the back it says "Ring Security". I also got the boxes, filler, and ribbon to wrap the BP gifts.

The OOT bags a paper bags with handles, and they come in 3 different designs. There's a white bag with pink tropical flowers, pink bag with white polka dots, and white & pink striped bag. The pink is a bright pink. I really love them. I forgot to get the ribbon to tie the handles closed, so I will have to go back.

My mom sent these to me in an email:
I don't necessarily love or dislike them, but my mom was thrilled with them so I decided that if she wanted to buy them, we could put them in the OOT bags. Everyone loves candy.

I got a special bag for my nephews OOT bag. It's a paper bag still, but it's blue. I'm going to put his shirt in it, and then I don't know what else to include. He will only be 18 mos. at the time, so any suggestions?? :)

Now for the bummer:
People are dropping like flies from our wedding. Last night I found out my best friend (& MOH)'s dad & brother can't come because $$ is too tight. I understand. Then we found out that a friend of ours can't come. He's a realtor and thought he was going to make this big sale, but then his client "snapped" and had a mental break, so obviously they didn't buy the house, which means no sale for our friend. He really needed that sale, so I hope something else comes around.

THEN I find out that FI's BM might not be able to come either. It's a long story that I don't want to get into, but it's a legal problem which is in the process of being cleared up, but his last court date is the day before the wedding... so we are hoping that the whole thing is dismissed now, which he should find out soon.

If anyone has any spare vibes they could send out to our BM, we would truly appreciate it.

Re: Checks and Bummer *long*

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    Awww hugs girl.  That really stinks.  Those are great checks though.  Hopefully it will all work out.  In the end, it will still be an awesome day.
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    Great checks! And lots of :::vibes::: for your BM, hopefully he can get it all cleared up soon!
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    Woo Hoo Sarah!!  Nice big checks!

    Sorry to hear about the guests/wedding party problems!!  I hope everything works out for you!  I'm sure it will.
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    That really stinks Sarah.  ::Hugs::  It will all work out.
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    I am so sorry to hear that (stupid economy!)  I hope everything works out for them!

    Also great checks!
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    YAY for the great checks - that's the most important!

    Sending vibes to your BM that he gets everything cleared up. 

    As for the RB gift bag - dd was that age less than a year ago.  She loved crayons/coloring books (Get the "fat" crayons.  Crayola even makes WASHABLE crayons, which are lifesavers!)  She was also into cardboard books, anything that made music, bubbles, Sesame Street, and learning to use a "big girl" fork/spoon/cup.  Maybe one of those sets of kids dishes would be a good idea.  Or a kid's insulated water bottle with a straw would be cool too.  Don't forget the kiddie snacks - animal crackers were dd's favorite at that age.  HTH!
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    Thanks for the vibes ladies!

    Lisa - Thank you for the suggestions! I have some good direction now. I'm thinking a toy that makes noise or moves - that's what he LOVES right now. Dish set like you suggested, and his favorite snacks.Yay!
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