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Home from black Friday shopping

Well I wanted to go shopping today to get some new clothes for work since I'm almost done Christmas shopping, however, that didn't go so well. I took my Rav 4 to Toyota because my 4x4 light kept coming on and off all by itself. I'm not playing around with that in the winter. Turns out it was some sensor. $350 later they tell me I will also need new back breaks soon. But guess what, they just inspected my car on Oct 29th and replaced front brakes ($375)......uh how did my car pass inspection and why did they only do the front?? I was in no mood today cause I thought the light problem was just a loose wire or something small and i dont feel good! So now I'm $725 in the hole and I still need back breaks! Needless to say, I did not buy anything while out shopping today.
~jenn~ Photobucket Anniversary
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