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Destination Weddings

Hi Everyone!

I'm planning a destination wedding January 6th at the Iberostar Tucan in Playa del Carmen.  I've been reading the destination wedding forum for what seems forever and never really posted...so here's my HI! to everyone!  I also wanted your opinion on something and see if any other brides have had this problem.  So I'm having a small wedding with 20 people max.  We really don't want to rent out the disco for the night because it's such a small amount of people and my divorced parents will be there making it ackward.  However, we do want to have a first dance and a father daughter dance(x2 with step dad and dad).  Anyone else had this problem and what did you do?

And once again... hi to everyone!!!!!

Re: Hi Everyone!

  • Is there a place where you can just bring an ipod and do dancing that way?  Even a stretch of beach might be nice.  We are having our reception at a house that we are renting for the week and will be doing our dancing by the pool.  Should be fun!
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  • Hello and welcome!  I am a Playa del Carmen bride too :) I know with my resort, there is a courtyard with a bridge you could have your first dance on...if you asked your WC, I bet they would be able to give you some ideas and work something out!
  • I have actually been discussing this recently with my FI and mom.  We only have 24 guests at this point and it seems too expensive to rent the disco for $500 an hour.  Plus for the bouquet and garter toss there will only be 3 single women and 2 single men which kind of takes away from fun of it. 

    We were thinking that even though other people will be at the disco, they will most likely notice that you are having your wedding (I think the dress will give it away) and allow you to dance to one song with your new husband.  And I'm sure the DJ can say something before the song introducing you if you ask.  For me personally, I don't think I would even care if other people dance for my and FI's first dance.  It's mostly FI who wants to rent the place for an hour. 

    I don't know if this was really helpful but I am also curious to see some ideas others have or experienced.
  • Hi and welcome!
    We only had 8 guests and I didn't think it was worth renting the disco either.  With so few guests we didn't have a dance as part of our reception at all.  DH and I did our first dance right on the beach following the ceremony.  I thought it was really romantic to dance on the beach and we were able to have it on our video. 
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  • Hi,
    Im not sure about pdc but we r getting married in Antigua and having our reception at one of the local beach bars following our beach ceremony. We have a dj for 4 hours plus a steel pan band for 3 hours and a fire entertainer and its only costing us $950 for everything. You should check with your wc and see what your options are.
    Good luck!!
  • Hey, I'm having my wedding at Tucan one week after yours! Um, I wouldnt suggest renting out the disco either. I think you'll be able to do your first dance at dinner. Good luck and it's beautiful there! =)

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