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NWR: WWYD, need outside opinions (long)

OK ladies, I value your opinions and know all of you on this board best.  I have a bit of a sticky situation.

My girlfriend from my previous job, let's call her "C", has been married to her husband for 20+ years.  They have not had the perfect marriage to say the least yet they are still together and have their ups and downs.  A mutual friend of ours made a comment that led me to believe she has cheated on her husband by sleeping with coworker "T".  The mutual friend, when I confronted him, would not confirm or deny anything.  He joked "I didn't see P in V" LOL.  I guess you could say the info kind of "slipped".  I avoided "C" for a bit but the more I thought about it the more it bothered me.  I am friends more-so with her, but have met and hung out with her husband on a few occassions as well.

Now, I know that what she does in her personal life is not my business but I had planned to invite her to my wedding.  And the thought of her and her husband attending my wedding, where I am making vows to commit to Matt, when they can't uphold their own vows makes me ill.  I know that everyone has a different situation but I don't understand cheating.  If you are THAT unhappy then get a divorce.  My main issue is the two of them being present during such an important day that is about commitment.  It feels wrong.

So anyway, I finally contacted her and asked her to lunch.  I confronted her and told her the rumor and she denied it.  She had an explanation for the situation. I dropped it.

However after thinking about it further and discussing it with the mutual friend this weekend, the details she gave did not match with the details given to me by him.   To make this as short as possible, our mutual friend saw "T" come out of his bedroom in boxers and then a few minutes later "C" came out.  The friend was there early for a softball game and just walked into the apartment to find T's roommate on the couch playing video games.  They were both sitting on the couch when T and C came out. 

Her story does NOT match.  In her version the roommate was not home and she claims T went into the bathroom to change when there was a knock at the door.  He said he'd get it and answered the door in his boxers.  

At this point I don't believe her.  T's roommate told our mutual friend that they did have sex and there is really no reason for this guy to lie.  She however obviously has reason to lie.  She knows my opinion on cheating and that I don't approve of it.  I cant' help but judge it.

She has been a good friend, but not necessarily the best friend.  She's one of those that never initiates getting together and I am always the one who has to try and make plans.  So...................what would you do?
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