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cancun/playa del carmen/surrounding? san juans? lost!

we are looking at having an affordable wedding in either the san juan islands or cancun/surrounding area.  My main "want' is an outdoor wedding.  in cancun it looks like we could do a fairly affordable wedding (+/-10k), however my concern is the room cost for our guests... travel + hotel.  does anyone have experience with good resorts/hotels?  we would prefer accommodations other than a high rise hotel in cancun - but it looks like that might be the cheapest way to go.   
we will likely have around 75 guests if in mexico, closer to 150 in the san juans (we live in oregon).  any advice is welcome! 

the other option is san juans... which would probably be july/august due to the weather, however we are cutting it close with trying to find a place that is available, and i haven't even started looking into prices.  

i'm hoping the selection of the venue and the dates are the most difficult portions!  we are a little lost here (literally, my fiance just glanced at me from his computer screen and said "i have no idea what i'm doing). 

thanks for your help!!!

Re: cancun/playa del carmen/surrounding? san juans? lost!

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    Welcome and congrats. I guess first decide which location can give you what you want and allow the people u want there the most. We went to Playa del Carmen last year stayed at a Riu chain and it cost 1200 a person for 7 days. I lookd at other resorts as well and it was around the same. Higher end resorts were closer to 13-1400 a person. We have a great time in Mexico. I have yet to been to Cancun or San Juans so I am no help there sorry. The time of year you plan to travel will also play a part in price any ideas when?
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    Yes, the time of year will likely be the biggest factor in price. We found out too late that if we'd gone to our resort in PDC some time in May, August, or October, we could have stayed for about half what we paid for February. However, the wedding cost was super inexpensive. Our wedding, including photographer, was just about $2K. It's the travel and lodging that gets pricy. Some of our guests were able to get smoking good deals on theirs through Expedia, and I believe they paid $1100 pp for 5 days and that included their airfare. Playa Del Carmen is a FABULOUS area. I'd recommend it any day.
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    Can't recommend cozumel enough.... But I know airfare is higher :-(
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    We loved Playa Del Carmen so much that we're going back to get married. There's a ton of different resorts in different price ranges, so I'm sure you could find something that would work.

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    Congrats! My fi and I went through the same thing searching for an affordable place for our guests since we have family from west and east coast. We ended up with the now jade in puerto Morelos, it's about 20 minutes from the cancun airport. I used and they have been wonderful, tell them what you expectations are for your wedding and what price range you are looking for and they will give quotes and research till you find your location. We have guests staying in the lowest level room for 4 nights for about $550 pp and for 7 nights for about $1000pp not including flight. Hope this helps and happy planning!
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