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~*~ Knottie of the Day ~*~

Today's Knottie of the Day is Vicki (vsnoberg), who is leaving on Saturday to marry her fiance on April 17 in Costa Rica!! She has an amazing engagement story, and some great advice for all of us in the planning process.

Congratulations, Vicki!! We can't wait to hear all about your special day.

1. First Name & Fiance's First Name: Victoria (Vicki) and Jason

2. Your Age and Fiance's Age: 24, 25

3. What city were you born in? Altoona, PA

4. What city do you live in? Inwood, WV

5. Where did you go to college? Virginia Tech

6. What was your major? Wildlife Science

7. What is your current job? Animal Keeper for the Smithsonian National Zoo (SCBI facility)

8. What is your dream job? my current job

9. How did you and your fiance' meet? through a mutual friend

10. When did you get engaged, and how did he do it?? We got engaged on May 29th, 2011. 

Jason woke me up at 3am Sunday (May 29th) and told me to get ready. I laughed but he said he was serious and that they were leaving at 4. So I got ready and got in the car. He wouldn't tell me anything. I could not figure out what was going on. We pulled into the Walmart parking lot in Woodstock, VA and just sat there for a little bit. I started to get a little worried. Seriously you woke me up at 3 am to go sit at Walmart? Does a new game come out or something?? Then we saw some other people gathering. We met up with them and I noticed on a trailer on one of the people's truck a hot air balloon basket. How cool, I've always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride. then we went to a church near by and set the balloon up. It was amazingly cool to watch. Then we got in the hot air balloon. It was amazing, the weather was perfect, everything was so pretty. Things looked so small (we were about 1000-1500 ft. up), sheep looked like little ants running around. Then as I was looking around enjoying the view Jason got down on one knee, opened the ring box, and asked me to marry him. I can't even remember actually saying yes. I just remember staring at the gorgeous ring, smiling really big, nodding my head a bunch and Jason putting the ring on my finger. The ring was perfect, it is prettier than any of the ones I had looked at and wanted before. Jason did an Amazing job. It was a perfect ring with a perfect proposal from the perfect guy :) 

11. When is the Wedding Day? April 17th, 2012

12. Where is the ceremony and reception? At Zephyr Palace in Costa Rica

13. What are your wedding colors? Dark purple, light blue, and silver

14. Where are you honeymooning? Hotel Nayara in Costa Rica (by the volcano)

15. Favorite wedding vendor so far? Definitely my wedding planner, she has such great ideas and gets my "vision".

16. Biggest wedding splurge? Full Open bar in CR and at the AHR

17. What is something you wish you could have at the wedding but don't? Our grandparents and our doggies. Material wise, fireworks

18. Another Knottie whose wedding you'd like to attend? Probably BMcLeodTeam's I love all the DIY stuff (I wish I was that crafty)

19. Favorite book? I really like "I am Legend", the movie didn't do it justice.

20. Favorite movie? Aristocats (I love my Disney movies)

21. Favorite tv show? Dexter but I'm starting to really like Once Upon a Time

22. Favorite wedding dress designer? Private Label by G (I had such a hard time deciding between a few for my dress)

23. Any advice you can give to other Knotties whose big day is coming up? Cheesy quote but: Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind (Bernard Baruch). People who love you and care about you are going to want you to have what YOU(and FI) want on your big day and for you to be happy.

24. Is there anything you wish you could change about your wedding?  Price and Stress of not seeing things ahead of time.

25. Tell us your Knottie name and how you came up with it: vsnoberg, it is my usual sign in for stuff, made up for when I went to VT (initial and part of my soon to be maiden name) 


26. Tell us about yourself!

  I lived in VA since I was 3 up until i moved in with FI. I have an older brother named Will and an older sister named Sandra  (Sandi) who passed away when I was in 1st grade from Leukemia. I also have two great parents, Audrey and Bill Snoberger. I went to Virginia Tech as a Wildlife Science major with 2 minors: Biology, and Psychology. I got my Bachelor's degree in 2009. Since I was little I have always wanted to work with animals. Originally I wanted to be a vet but decided a zoo keeper was a better fit so that I would have a more personal relationship with the animals. I currently am a bat keeper at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal, VA. Other than Jason the loves of my life are our dogs. The 2 that I brought to the relationship are Ollie the pug, and Layla my little french bulldog. The other is Jason's beagle Bentley. I am a sugaraholic. Some of my favorite things are Dexter, Big Brother, tiramisu, tomatoes, big cats(tiger, jaguar, puma, etc.), Aristocats, Super Troopers, The Dark Knight, and wine.

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