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I'm pretty sure nobody posted one of these today, so I'll go for it. Today I'm feeling really slim! I've been wearing my belt on a lower notch today! The scale was nice to me last night too! I've officially lost 10 full lbs since Feb, I'd post my weight but I think you'd all think i'm starving myself but really i'm just super short. I didn't post on this thread yesterday so for Tuesday I did an hour of kickboxing and omg, it was so hard, my shoulders/arms/thighs still sore today! After it got over I was still feeling really good so I stayed and did an hour long zumba class. I loved every sweaty minute of both classes. Yesterday I just ran 2.5 miles around the neighborhood. We had salmon burgers on whole grain sandwich thins since we're out of buns.  Today I had a muffin from the coffee stand since we are in dire need of a grocery run. Any meal healthy meal ideas you wanna share? I need to make a list for the store.
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