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Goodnight ladies!

hi everyone! It's been a while since I could regularly post on here... I was so tired when we returned after a nightmarish travel day then before I knew it we were back to work! I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving and that you all have some good things planned for the weekend. I'm working alllllllll weekend but really can't complain after being off for three weeks!

I'm working on my good/bad/ugly and would/wouldn't do- hopefully I'll have them up by Monday!

So who's next to leave and what have I missed... Fill me in! (I've been trying to catch up on posts but feel like I'm missing a lot)
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Re: Goodnight ladies!

  • Hey hey!!  I think Trudy is next to leave?

    I am under three months away now and still have LOTS to do!!!  Darn me for the lack of time management on my part while studying...still waiting for my score.  I BETTER have passed or else I intend to change careers lol!

    How are you?  Missed ya around here!
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