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Re: Burgundy, France

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    You have already posted this once and have never contributed to this board otherwise. It seems after reading this slight incoherent rant that some of the issues you have experienced are things you should have known from the start (distance from Paris, not being able to have services close by). I was married on an island in Australia that required me to take a helicopter and boat to get to and it's run on solar and battery power. I knew upfront that I had to either pay a lot of money to bring in a makeup artist and photographer or not have them. It sounds like you did not do enough research and this post should be taken with a grain of salt.


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    agreed - and you copied this in to someone else's post on a Canada board. 
    While I feel bad for you - flaming this business without any prior information seems kind of shady. Also - from recent news you could potentially get sued for posting this (although not sure if that would work since they are in France and you are in Canada maybe?)
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    I'm glad I'm not the only one that couldn't make much sense of all that!
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