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Making it legal back home! i've been getting conflicting/incomplete information and i'm hoping that you all can help me.  I am getting legally married in Playa Del Carmen in August.  What do I need to do with my marriage certificate that I obtain there in order to have my marriage recognized in the United States (New York), and be able to change my name with as little hiccups as possible?  Please help!  I feel like this is the most stressful part of my wedding planning thus far!

Re: Making it legal back home!

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    Sorry, I'm no help. I'm actually getting married at the courst house first just to sign papers and make it legal beforehand. 
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    I am doing the same thing Terri. Married in NJ before DR wedding
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    It depends on the state, but in MN, we had to have someone translate the wedding certificate (as in - someone from a clerk's office, not me or someone we know who is fluent), which they said could take a few months, and then you could bring both documents to the social security office to apply for the new one with the married name. 
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    My friend (a former DW knottie) says you will need to change you name with the federal government first (ie social security card) before NYS will recognize the legality of the marriage so you can change your Driver's License, etc.  I haven't gone through the process yet since I am waiting for my official certificate to come in the mail.

    Hmmm... I also just thought about my passport.  I have to figure out if it's worth paying the fee to change my passport since it expires in about 8 years, or if I should wait it out, lol!  I may pay the fee, would love to change it all soon!!

    Good Luck!
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