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we are getting married at ocean lodge on st simon island
is 1400.00 a lot for day of planner

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    Im paying $1000 for mine and she is my planner for everything, not just the day of, but maybe different places have different prices? Mine in is Puerto Rico.

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    I think it depends on how much they do and also your location. My DOC is in Key West and its $1100 dollars. She takes over 30 days before the wedding and confirms all my contracts and finalizes all the last min details, I am shipping everything to her and she is putting together everything, she is running our Reherseal and setting up our RD and also is there for the whole wedding day 8am to 11pm and is doing all the set up of details and decor and running the show. I feel like I hit the jackpot and she is doing a lot. I think that is a decent price if they are going above and beyond just the normal 8 hours day of and nothing else. What location are you in?
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    oh no shes not doing all of that. a week before rehersal and day of only.
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    [QUOTE]oh no shes not doing all of that. a week before rehersal and day of only.
    Posted by ellone400[/QUOTE]

    I just re-read your original post and realized you clearly stated where your wedding location was, haha. Oops. I think that $1000 is standard thats what a lot of quotes I got were, for the extra $100 mine did a lot more stuff but I don't think that is average. I would get 2-3 quotes in your area and compare though cause it might be a little different. In the end even if $1400 is the going rate it is worth it not to have to worry about set up, directions, timing, or anything on your wedding day and it will be money well spent in my opinion. HTH!
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    I would assume it's about right?  I'm paying mine 3000 and that includes her doing everything, flowers, photographer, officiant, musican, and the beach permit.  I would assume it would be in the ball park of 800-1400 of a DOC.  But like PP, I would get a few quote and see what's out there.

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