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Happy Monday Morning!

Good morning ladies!  It's a foggy day here in the Bay Area but I hope everyone's monday is off to a good start!  How was your weekend?
I have lots to fill you in on!!

Friday I worked 6:30-11, went home and went for a run, took a shower then napped.  Friday night we went out for J's brother's birthday. It was fun but I didn't want to drink too much because I didn't want to be hung over at his parent's the next day and also since I was going to be drinking on Saturday night.  We went to Pyramid Brewery and it was fun. 

Saturday was J's family Thanksgiving, we got there around 1 to help out but also so J could work on his bike.  It was a little awkward only because I kept telling his mom she could give me jobs to do but she was really hesitant to.  I completely understand that a lot of times it's just easier to do things yourself especially in your own kitchen and when you're used to doing things yourself.  I just felt bad like I could be doing more, but she did let me do some things.  We talked a lot about different things and it was nice.  The bad part was my soon to be sister in law and I had to leave around 6:30 to go get ready and meet up with people for my bachelorette party (this was planned before we found out about J's family GTG).  J's mom told everyone 4 but since they are ALWAYS late, people didn't start showing up until almost 6!  So we basically had to eat and run.  

The Bachelorette party was a lot of fun, they decorated the table and my aunt made mini wedding cakes and my soon to be sister in law ordered the personalized M&M's.  We had a scavenger hunt list that was a lot of fun to do. I drank way too much, danced the night away and I still have blisters on my feet!  But it was so much fun, not a lot of people showed up but I didn't care at all I was just felt so blessed that they did this for me and the people that did show up were there.  

Sunday was a recovery day for me, I felt like I had got run over by a truck!  But no regrets at all, it was totally worth it.  Sunday morning J got a call from his parents, his grandma who was 92 passed away Saturday night.  She had severe alzheimers and dementia and was living in a care home, so they all went to clean out her room and talk to the care home.  Her body was donated to science so there's no funeral or anything.  His dad is doing ok, mainly because he had his mourning period a few years ago when they had to put her in the home.  And yesterday was J's brother's actual birthday :(

It was a very eventful weekend and now we are back to normal. 
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