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Our Resort:

Hey ladies! Here's my Good, Bad, Ugly. But first, some background info:

Where: Riviera Maya, Mexico

Final guest count: 66 I believe. We had last minute cancellations & surprises, so it all worked out!


Um everything!!! Our resort (Now Jade Riviera Cancun) was the epitome of AMAZING!! My hubby and I (including a lot of our guests) are well traveled & have stayed at some pretty fab places. But this was by far our favorite!! The decor was so chic & modern. The grounds were so lush & gorgeous. The food was BEYOND amazing! No really. Every single restaurant had a different theme & the food was exceptional at each one. And since it was an all inclusive resort we had so much fun restaurant hopping with our guests. Since we had a huge group, it was fun seeing different ones literally every where you looked. We literally took over lol. The staff was extremely genuine & caring & our wedding planner Pilar truly went above & beyond.

We got there on Thursday, with our wedding on Monday. Most guests stayed Sat-Tues, but others did their own thing. On Saturday we had our white party. We had elegant cards printed (vista print) that were handed to our guests in the beautiful main lobby by the resort staff as they arrived that reminded them of the white party & told them where to meet. That evening we took a group picture with everyone wearing white & it was stunning :)

Sunday morning we had a rehearsal brunch with Pilar leading the way. For the rest of our guests it was a free day. After rehearsal we all hung out by the ocean, pool & drank tropical drinks. Heaven! SIDENOTE: did I mention how much everyone loved the all inclusive-ness?! And with this resort we didn't have to wear wristbands. Just go with the flow :)

Monday our ceremony started at 4pm. Our florist (Vanessa Jaimes) was definitely a winner! I had previously sent her pics of the bouquets I wanted & she emulated them goregously! Our photographer (Enrique Morales) was SOOO much fun! For me photography was a huge deal so he was our splurge. But we are so beyond pleased with his work. Can't wait till we receive our coffee table book + our cd with 2,000 pics on them!

After we had our outdoor cocktail hour while the wedding party took photos with us. Our reception was SO much fun!!  Our dj surprised us all & had the latest music. My mom decorated the reception room exactly how I wanted & we all just had a great time dancing. Everybody still tells us that was the best wedding experience ever!! :)


Eh idk if there really was a bad moment. Well it was very sunny the entire trip & of course on our wedding day it was a tad overcast. BUT I'm just happy it didn't rain. It was threatening to all week so thank goodness it different. It was actually sunny during the ceremony so I really can't complain. Plus our photographer said that slightly overcast is actually the best lighting for photos. Go figure!

Our cake didn't come out exactly as planned but who cares! We all enjoyed it & no one knew my origional vision anyways.


Ok there was a moment. I love love love my dress to death but it almost killed me!! When I put it on before walking out, it felt very tight so I had my girls loosen it up a bit. But once the ceremony started, I just couldn't take it anymore & I was literally on the verge of passing out! Once I felt myself getting woosy I whispered to my groom that I wasn't feeling well & that I'd be right back. I scared the poor boy to death (lol). I went off to the side (with nobody knowing what the heck was going on) & my wedding planner started loosening up my gown. By that time my mom & a couple bridesmaids came to my aide & one of my uncles started stalling. Thankfully once it was loosened I felt so much better & I made my triumphant return. To be honest as embarassing as that whole ordeal was, it didn't put a damper on my mood (or memories) one bit. I was with family & close friends so I felt completely compfortable. The ceremony proceeded & the rest was awesome!

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