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I just saw your question on the Friday g'morning post, but I thought I'd answer here so it wasn't buried, haha.

Uhm, yes and no!  Funny story: my dad happened to meet a guy while he was at work over the weekend who is renovating and renting a house outside of Burlington.  We're in touch with him and we've seen photos and everything, it's gorgeous.  FI is hesitant to put down the first/last months' rent for a security deposit without seeing the place.  We're hoping to schedule a showing with my sister over the weekend.  Meanwhile, the house is also apparently listed for sale!  Which would mean that we might get punted out before the lease is up if there's a buyer.  So we're still looking at options.  We may need to have a hunting trip sometime next week to go scope out some places and just flipping pick one, haha.  I just keep reminding myself, "We have jobs, hard part's over."  I just can't help but stress over it a little because the past couple of years have been miserable in our current apartment.

Have you ever shopped for apartments that were non-local?  Any advice?
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