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Feeling bogged down

Here I am a little over 3 months out and I really only have little things left to do. I have to put ribbon on the fans, I need to make the CD for the actually wedding music, I need to get my welcome letter together. All important stuff but I can't seem to get my butt moving. It is like my dress wouldn't zip and I got stuck in super glue. Anyone else had motivation issues or am I loosing it?

Re: Feeling bogged down

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    I'm right with you...I've probably been feeling like this for a month now!  Guess I should start getting things done so that in 2 months I'm not freaking out 'cause I haven't done anything. 
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    This is going to be me...LOL! I am juggling way to much....and (sadly) wedding planning and stuff has taken a back seat. We need to get motivated again!!


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    Iberrios, maybe this is normal since it has hit both of us??? I hope we can break out of us so we BOTH don't need arisol spraying of Xanex =) 
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    Don't worry, I think this is a phase that will pass. I also wonder if part of you knows that you are getting so close and isn't ready for all the "fun" wedding stuff to be over. By dragging your feet, you still have those things to look forward to. This could be a good thing because I know that even after I have something done, I keep looking for more things to do, which can be costly with wedding stuff!  Sending *motivation vibes* to all you ladies hit with this! :)
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