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Happy Monday! What's on your agenda for working out/eating today?

Today is a rest day. Yesterday we went to brunch and I had a egg/sausage dish, lunch I snacked on some trail mix and pudding and dinner was pasta with olive oil and sundried tomatoes.

What are your health goals for the week?

Have a healthy day, ladies!
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Re: accountability

  • jtolyjtoly
    Yesterday I kicked butt at the gym. I did 5.5 miles on the crossramp which equaled to 700 cal burned. I then did 100 an crunches and 75 side ab twists. I missed breakfast but At 11:00 I had a salad with two pieces of breaded chicken, mushroom, bm olives and mozz cheese. Dinner was Kashi pizza with added turkey pepperoni! This week is busy but I'm gonna try to get to the gym at least 2-3 more times.
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  • Hi Ladies!
    Weekend was good!  It was very productive and eating was okay - not great, but horrible!

    B - shake with bluberrries
    L  - low fat bean burrito, salsa and carrots
    D - grilled fish, roasted fingerling potatoes and salad with oil & viegar
    S - almonds and an apple.

    WO - Already did 25 minutes on elliptical, arms and abs.  Also going for a (45 min) walk after work with a friend!
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